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The main goal of JETT Training is to build fitness and eliminate dysfunction

JETT takes unique approach to fitness, with a strong emphasis on being functionally strong and eliminating dysfunction of the body. This is achieved through functional and physical screens to establish a clients specific needs and baselines.

Next the client is introduced to the one stop fitness solution that consists of three tiers.

1. Tier 1 – Negative Resistance Training – this is the time spent in the gym with your trainer lifting weights, performing functional movement training and learning the corrective exercises your Functional Movement Screen.

2. Tier 2 – Cardiovascular Training – This is time spent on treadmills, elliptical machines and spinning. Each client is put on cardiovascular regimen ultimately building up to a four day a week regimen.

3. Tier 3 – Nutritional counseling – Each JETT client is put on meal plan that will ensure healthy weight loss. Clients start with a cleanse (phase 1) and then continues to the daily meal plan to continue their weight loss until desired weight is achieved (phase 2). Once desired weight is achieved then clients go into their maintenance schedule (phase 3).*
*See Nutrition page for full details


JETT Training is unique due to it’s complete approach, we have a comprehensive assessment process both physical and functional. We pride ourselves in not building fitness on top of disfunction. We test our clients quarterly to track progress in all areas to help guarantee success. We provide continuous coaching throughout the cardio and nutrition routines. We do whatever it takes to help the individual that is serious about achieving their weight loss and fitness goals.

If you are serious about your health and are willing to follow our program, we guarantee results.

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