Richard Rosemond: JETT Trainer


Richard Rosemond brings over 13 years of personal training expertise to JETT Training, working with clients of all age groups and fitness levels. He is a Certified Personal Trainer (C.P.T.) with the National Strength Professionals association (NSP). He has provided rehabilitation services for elderly stroke victims and is a certified Megaformer instructor.

Richard enjoys working with athletes, drawing on his previous experience as a semi-professional soccer player in Florida and a member of the Haitian junior national soccer team. Richard speaks French, Creole, and English fluently and is proficient in Spanish. He enjoys playing soccer, watching movies, and traveling in his free time.

Richard is committed to changing lives through a good workout program, great support, and motivation. He makes sure every client enjoys every session and sees great results once he/she has committed to a his regimen.