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About JETT Training

JETT Training provides strength and conditioning programs for all populations.


JETT Training is Personal Training company that caters to busy individuals in the Washington Metropolitan area. JETT Training specializes in catering to busy business men and woman and stay at home Moms. Our programs are time tested, fast and efficient and, we provide in gym and in-home training.

Our personal training provides weight lifting instruction, cardio routines and the nutritional counseling necessary to get to the fitness level and weight you desire.

JETT Training is unique due to it’s complete approach, we have have a comprehensive assessment process both physical and functional. We pride ourselves in not building fitness on top of dysfunction. We test our clients quarterly to track progress in all areas to help guarantee success. We provide continuous coaching throughout the cardio and nutrition routines. We do whatever it takes to help the individual that is serious about achieving their weight loss and fitness goals.
If you are serious about your health and are willing to follow our program, we guarantee results.


The JETT Nutrition plan is not a diet in the traditional sense, in which you engage in extreme deprivation for a finite amount of time. Rather, this is a lifestyle change, a plan for daily nutrition to be followed today and for the rest of your life.

Founder and President of JETT training, Eric Toussaint, has a vast wealth of knowledge of the health and fitness industry. With over 26 years of personal training experience and having worked with several fitness companies and physical therapy and chiropractic centers, as well as having started the very successful personal training company JETT Training, Eric’s knowledge of the health and fitness industry is second to none. This body of work and experience is now available to help other fitness professionals and personal training companies to achieve success with career goals.


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